Alex Poletaev



Nowadays the autism is a vexing problem. All over the world, there is a high frequency of births that later are diagnosed with autism and this is growing progressively (1:80 – 1:150 instead 1:10000 nearly 40 years ago). One of the most believable causes inducing autism may be maternal immune deviations induced by environmental chemical pollutants as well as peculiar microbial antigens and depend on the individual features of the mother’s metabolism. These immunity changes are adaptive in most cases for maternal organisms, but can be pathogenic for the fetus in some cases. Specificity of maternal immune changes leading to autism is very high. This phenomenon provides the possibilities to predict the risk of the deviated development of the fetus before pregnancy, and to correct the situation. The same can probably use for diagnosing of “pre-autism state” in kids of high-risk group as early as at 6-12 months of life.