Dan Merritts

Dan Merritts


Dan Merritts has over 15 years of innovative, industry-shaping technology leadership experience. He’s helped drive the creation of several multi-billion dollar market categories, including: contextual advertising, cloud computing, digital textbooks and rentals, adaptive learning systems, and enterprise mobility management.

He’s currently the executive chairman at SVEDU which is transforming the way the world’s most innovative organizations and institutions disseminate and activate their research and knowledge for the world’s next generation of learners.

“The Role of Technology and Education in the World of Autism”

Abstract: Technology is transforming various aspects of autism – ranging from support services to biomedical research. Given the importance of supports for those on the spectrum a thorough understanding and approach towards autism must include adequate considerations regarding the power of technology. This presentation explores the impact and the possibilities that technology engenders in relation to autism.