Niko Kargas

Niko Kargas


Dr Niko Kargas is a lecturer in developmental and cognitive psychology at the University of Lincoln, UK, and has extensive practical experience working for people with autism spectrum conditions (ASC). His research focuses on investigating the role that sensory sensitivities (i.e., hyper/hypo) play in the expression of autistic symptomatology. Niko has contributed in the development and implementation of programmes and classes specifically designed for children and adults with ASC, such as meaningful play activities that aim to promote learning in all domains (socio-emotional, sensory, cognitive, adaptive). Also, in collaboration with Dr Leslie Allison, Niko is involved in the development and evaluation of interactive technologies for autism as methods for enriching interventions.

As an autism specialist consultant, Niko uses his research for making local environments autism friendly and for developing innovative services. For example, Niko helps tourism and hospitality enterprises to improve their services for people with ASC (e.g., Also, alongside Dr Beatriz López, the founder of the Autism Centre of Employment (ACE) at the University of Portsmouth, UK, a project funded by the Department of Health, Niko was a key member in the development of a new, employment-specific assessment tool aimed at improving employment rates and job retention amongst the ASC community. Niko is now in the process of establishing an employability centre for autism at the University of Lincoln, UK.


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