Samira Al-Saad


Dr. Samira Al-Saad a mother of a daughter with autism is the Founder & Director of Jeddah Center for Autism (1993), Kuwait Center for Autism (1994), Kuwait Autism Society (2006) and Founder & Head of Gulf Autism Union (since 2002). As an active research worker in the field of special needs many of her research works are published in scientific journals and presented/released in conferences. Being the author of first Arabic book on Autism, she is an accomplished writer and translator contributing books on Autism to Arabic literature as well as the Founder & Editor of the first specialized periodical in Autism & Special needs – “Silent Scream” newsletter distributed in the whole Middle East since 2002. The organizer for the World Autism Conference 11-13, Nov. 2014. Got many awards, one of them was Jan Amos Comenius Medal from UNESCO for her work as educator who have made a significant contribution to the development of education in autism field.

30 years of experience with autism introduced “REACH” philosophy for Autism in Kuwait & Arab Gulf States