Steve Keisman

Steve Keisman


Steve brings a unique, granular, perspective focusing most of his 33-year career with the NYC Department of Education helping students transition from school to careers and college. Credited for creating and providing expertise to best practice programs, partnerships and school restructure initiatives, Steve has a master’s degree in Special Education and a second master’s degree in Education Administration with a specialty in Education Law and holds multiple teaching and administrative licenses in both New York and New Jersey including Superintendent of Schools.

With 3 children, including a 19-year-old daughter with a severe development disorder, another with a moderate disability and a material science engineer working for a US government chartered think-tank, Steve knows first-hand what it’s like to raise his own transition aged children.

 Steve is Vice President of Education and Neurodiversity Employment Specialist for Identifor, a groundbreaking tool that helps individuals with Autism and other developmental disabilities systematically uncover their underlying strengths to reveal their unique abilities and match them with relevant career options using computer and app games and supports them through Abby, a customized, mobile, Life Coach app (AI-driven avatar) incorporated on their smartphone.  This cutting edge technology helps the user address situations they may find themselves in during the day in school settings, on the job, in housing situations, transportation and just socializing with others. Abby responds to queries about anything making her abilities limited by only one’s imagination.

Our cutting edge technology helps create true community independence by identifying young adult’s abilities allowing schools and agencies to build upon them to provide meaningful career opportunities and support them in all areas of the community.

Steve is an international speaker that travels throughout the US showing young adults, parents, teachers, child study teams, clinicians and agency representatives and employers specific ways that Identifor can be used to help those transitioning to “real life”, reach their highest potential once the school bus stops coming.

“Technology that Identifies Strengths and Helps Autistic Teens & Adults Pursue and Lead Productive Daily Lives”