Yueh-Hsien Lin

Yueh-Hsien Lin


Yueh-Hsien Lin, from Taiwan, is a research fellow of Special Education Center at National Taiwan Normal University. After working as a general class teacher and resource room teacher at elementary school level for 22 years, she pursued her graduate and doctoral studies in the field of special education. She served as an associate professor and then an assistant professor for 7 years. Her research focuses on areas related to special education, one of which is the development of tests for individuals with different kinds of special needs, such as children with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities and science-orientated students. Among the tests she has developed, the Mandarin Token Test can even be employed to test the listening comprehension of subjects ranging from typical kids aged three to adults aged 90 and to detect slight listening comprehension impairment of individuals with disabilities .  Her recent research investigates communication characteristics of children having difficulty with spontaneous speech and language comprehension. Her latest unpublished study is about the test of development of children with autism spectrum disorders.

Education for children with autism spectrum disorders in Taiwan

Individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are provided with special education services in Taiwan. This presentation will focus on the education and related support services provided for children with ASD aged birth to 12 in Taiwan. At the end of the presentation, participants will be able to know (a) the special education services provided for children with ASD, (b) the special education services provided to twice-exceptional children with ASD and talent, (c) how special education teachers and general education teachers collaborate to provide appropriate education services for children with ASD in inclusive classrooms, and(d) how teachers and parents collaborate to assist children with ASD.